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Video Done Right!

Video Recording

With the latest in 4K video capture and editing technology, high-definition audio mastering, green-screen effects, competitive rates and more, Shootin' DICE studios is the obvious choice for your next video production needs!

From basic digital content creation to elaborate full-length videos, short commercials, product unboxing & reviews or virtual live-streaming production, Shootin’ DICE Studios can elevate your next production to new heights.

To view highlights from our recent live-streaming broadcasts or see examples of our post-production and studio projects visit our GALLERY.

To access upcoming livestreams or watch full versions of previously recorded livestreams and exclusive interviews Log In or Sign Up to become a MEMBER of the Shootin' DICE Community!

WHY Shootin' DICE Studios?

Simple!  As the demand for live-streaming has exploded, everyone with a smart-phone has jumped into the game.  Or at least they are trying to. It's very easy for a novice to search the internet "How to get started".  Unfortunately delivering a high-quality product is not that simple.


It takes years to develop the eyes, ears and skills to put it all together. 


As a musician, sound engineer and instructional designer for over 30 years, DICE, our founder has honed the skills and intuition necessary to direct and produce the video content of your dreams.

When your reputation is on the line, who are you going to trust?

A novice with a smart-phone? Or a proven professional with the right hardware, software, knowledge and experience to deliver a finished product that you'll be proud to associate with your name and established reputation that you've poured your life into?

Sound Mixer
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