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  1. All information is confidential and used for pre-production & promotional purposes only.

  2. We do not share or sell any information provided.

  3. Shootin' DICE Studios will archive the audio and camera stems free of charge for 30 days. After 30 days if you have not requested a post-production project or arranged an extended storage agreement, we will delete all stems from the show.

  4. ALL audio & video recorded during the show is the sole property of Shootin' DICE Studios.

  5. Shootin’ DICE Studios may:

    1.  Use the footage in part or full for promotional purposes.

    2.  Remaster the footage for future use as an On-Demand Video on our YouTube, BOXCAST and website channels and/or during line changes at The Venue.

  6. You may use/edit your purchased video as you see fit however:

    1. The Shootin’ DICE Studios logo MUST remain visible.

    2. The Shootin’ DICE Studios copyright MUST remain visible.

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